Asus ZenWatch to arrive in extremely limited supply at launch, report claims

Shawn Knight

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Smartwatches haven't exactly caught fire with consumers in a way that manufacturers were hoping for. Practicality - or lack thereof - aside, much of the problem surrounding the wearable movement has to do with aesthetics.

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I guess I'm too old school. Smartphones I get, since I use mine for pretty much everything during the day, but the smart watch? Ok, my phone already has a clock, but, I wear a traditional watch. My bluetooth ear piece, along with the voice prompts tells me of appointments & incoming calls, but, the thing that gets me is the price for the real value. That and you have to charge it pretty much every day. My "cheap" 60 dollar casio keeps perfect time, water resistant, self adjusts for time zones, automatically sets the time through WWV every morning, can withstand a ton of impact damage. I seriously doubt the smart watch can do that.


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I wonder how proper watch manufacturers are going to react to these (for the time being) pointless things if they ever catch on.