At least one analyst believes Intel should shut down or sell off its GPU division


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Begrudgingly, it would be best if Intel persevere and try until at least Celeste.

But if they fail, in the industry it couldn't happen to a more deserving company. Intel are have been in need of a serious humbling for years now, and their 14nm+++++++++ wasn't anywhere near enough.

And given the attitude that they seem to be taking to department performance, even with being more relevant than most, I could see them deciding for profit reasons to think this is a loss and cut it.


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Short term, if you're not seeing decent ROI in a timely manner you dump and move on. Makes perfect sense. Big problem, what's a resonable time frame? 5 years, 10, how about over 22 years, because that's how long AMD and Nvidia have been refining thier products.
I remember their first offerings and they weren't all that good, hell ATI (Became AMD after buy out) had a really bad early track record IMHO. I got so many duds from them I swore off them for years and didn't buy another until I bought a HD 4870.
So, of course you don't want to fall for the sunk cost fallacy, but you want to give it a resonable try as well. And I don't think one generation of products is even close to a decent attempt. Not if you want any chance of success.
But what do I know, I just spend way too much money on the stupid things is all...