AT&T Communications CEO announces retirement plans amid industry shakeout

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AT&T Communications on Monday revealed that CEO John Donovan plans to retire from his post on October 1. The timing of the announcement couldn’t be more critical as the industry is in the middle of a major transformational period.

Donovan joined AT&T in 2008 as chief technology officer and was eventually promoted to chief strategy officer and group president before nabbing the role of CEO of AT&T Communications in July 2017.

Randall Stephenson, AT&T’s chairman and CEO, said Donovan led the way in encouraging his team to continuously innovate and develop their skill sets for the future. “We greatly appreciate his many contributions to our company’s success and his untiring dedication to serving customers and making our communities better,” he added.

Indeed, Donovan was instrumental in helping to lay the groundwork for AT&T’s 5G future but his departure comes just as the company’s effort is taking root. His leadership may also be missed during this time of uncertainty as the powers that be continue to debate over whether or not to allow T-Mobile and Sprint to merge, paving the way for a fourth major carrier – Dish Network – to emerge.

AT&T said it will name Donovan’s successor soon.

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Of course, the real question is, what will replace wireless? That is to say, the next MAJOR step. We haven't had a serious major breakthrough in the telecommunications industry for quite a while and there doesn't appear to be one on the horizon. It was suggested implants that could "do it all" with just a thought but that appears to be strictly Buck Rogers stuff for the time being.


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He's been at AT&T since 2008, CEO for around 2 he has a HUGE golden parachute too ;)
THAT is the problem with a lot of American corporations. The CEO types are so far removed from the people that do the real work, they are lost to what goes on, except in the board room.