AT&T offers time frame for tomorrow's MMS rollout

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Sep 24, 2009
  1. It's old news that AT&T will be pushing MMS out to iPhone users tomorrow, but the carrier has now offered a time frame. According to a post on the company's Facebook page, the service will be activated late morning Pacific Time Friday -- or, early afternoon for those dwelling on the East coast.

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  2. Why is AT&T treating MMS like it is an important thing. Who cares if I can send MMS or not from my iPhone. I have something called "email". Maybe I will send one MMS to test it and that's it. Actually AT&T should be ashamed that they don't support it yet and role it out silently.
  3. The mms issue has cause irreversable damage of my posture toward AT&T and Apple. They both lie and suck. I'm so pissed about this I'm no longer looking forward to it. As a matter on fact I hope they fall flat on thier asses.
  4. the lack of MMS for the iPhone has driven me crazy....I get all these MMS messages from my friends and i can't see them correctly and i can't send it on to my other the whole "i have email i don't need MMS" is complete BS....anyone with a social life at all that has an iPhone has missed this feature and AT&T has dropped the ball big time on this....Don't understand why they didnt do this from the get go...I had MMS on other phones with them and can tether my blackjack 2 to my laptop as well thats why i keep that phone around so if i need to use the internet i just pop my sim out of my iPhone and use the blackjack to do my biz.....AT&T sucks on these to issues and it's not Apple's fault.
  5. I dont have an Iphone but Im on the AT&T network with a Blackjack II MMS messages dont reliably work anyways. I hope this push to fix it on iphone fixes it for the rest of us. Otherwise next June when my contract is up, I'm going somewhere else. I'm getting tired of being sent video and picture messages from friends and getting a broken message.
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