AT&T throttles top 5% of wireless data users, still charges overage fees

By Rick ยท 28 replies
Dec 8, 2011
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  1. untill they do the same crap
  2. This all is true. They just want more users and less service for all ... the greed policy. My throttling adjusted my iphone 4 down from 3.5mbps to .09mbps. What a joke. Could not load 5 minute video at all. THey just stop you and apologize for me paying 130 a month for just a useless phone. When greed goes too far, I am going back to a track phone. Use my home service or wifi on a pad. Thats it for my i...crap. Let them and the greedy bastards choke on their crap.
  3. Hey I,just read a story that talked about AT&T 5% data users. There is a couple things you should have added. Like that the top 5% is based on your market not all 87 million users AT&T wants you to believe. Also there is something you can do. I am suing AT&T. The court date is February 24 at 8:30am in the Simi Valley, CA small claims court. I have requested them tower and market info. Let's see if they bring it. My number is 912-313-1234 if you interested in talking about it.

  4. I also got a text at 2GG. I live in San Mateo, CA. How is it that we are all part of the top 5%? I smell class action.

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