atari maximum force(coin op)hardrive>os? freezes up

By steyr223
Apr 27, 2006
  1. hay people ready for summer

    i recently came across a coin opperated stand up vidio game
    maximumn force (like area 51) with the 2 guns and shoot at the screen.

    anyways it locks up on leavel 1 about 1 min into
    level 2 about 2min into

    is there a way to defrag or replace files
    is there a way just to reload the game

    i tryed hooking up to winxp machine but its not seen
    except for certain apps like a backup ap

    i backed it up to a dvd thinking i could wipe the hd and restore
    but if winxp doesnt know what file system it is then it probally wont work

    i'd even purchase it but atari and all other aves have been no help

    o and possablly if anyone knows where to find a service guide i'd appreciate it bunches & bunches
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