Athlon 2900 XP a little hot at 60-63C full throttle.

By jt713
Aug 16, 2005
  1. Ok I have the ABIT kv7-v. My processor does not drop below 42C with 2 front fans at 2400 rpm... 2 rear fans at 2800 and 1800 rpm and a side wall fan at 2500 rpm.

    The heatsink is my second one and was recommended by a tech who said it kept his at 36C. It is a - Masscool Socket A and 370 CPU Cooling Fan up to AMD athlon XP 3400+ Copper Core. I just put in a Thermaltake Purepower that dropped the temp 5C, and kicks *** compared to the piece of junk that came with the case.

    The tech also said my motherboard might be lieing to me about the temp of the CPU. I had to flash the mobo KV7-V BIOS for the 2900 XP.

    Any chance this mobo is off a little on the temp of my CPU?

    Speedfan 4.25 nums

    Temp 1 = 33C I think it is the chipset
    Temp 2 = 63C cpu 2900 XP
    HDO = 34C harddrive
    Temp1 = 39C Power supply
  2. zephead

    zephead TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,569

    there's a chance that the motherboard's sensors are feeding you false information. it's also possible that you failed to properly mount the hsf assemply on the cpu die. this involves a sufficient drop of thermal compound and you firmly and squarely affixing the hsf. what cpu fan did you install?
  3. jt713

    jt713 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    1st the Ultra Fire with the 80mm cpu fan good through the 3000 XP then the Masscool Socket A and 370 CPU Cooling Fan up to AMD athlon XP 3400+ Copper Core.

    I have resat the the CPU 5 times. Twice with the white crap. Twice with Artic Silver, and once with the Masscool heatsink with the thremal gel pre attached. No real change each 5 times. Maybe 2C max.
  4. UB-predator

    UB-predator TS Rookie

    What is the room ambiant temp???? If your computer room is over 80f it is very hard for any fans to keep the system cool.

    Also what computer case are you using? Believe it or not, some times you can have too many case fans blowing in all different directions. You might just do some experiments on the fans. Try unpluging the side fan and see what the difference is. Then try the same on the back fan. I have also found on some computer case's that you will also drop the temp by blowing the back and side fans out, rather than the side blowing in and the back blowing out.

    Just a couple of suggestions.

    But it may be the false reading also
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