ATI 1900XT, is it that good?

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Jan 27, 2006
  1. okey so i've got about $600 to spend and i'm thinking of 2 7800 GT's or, the new 1900XT, which is 512 MB, but it only has 16 pipes?!?! i know the clock speeds are a lot which one should i buy!?!? 2 7800's or the 1900??
  2. iss

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    personally I would take the X1900XT. TWO 7800 GT will undoubtably outperform one X1900XT, IF they work as they are supposed to. BUT, even though SLi has come a long way, it is still not problem free. I would rather have a single card that works than two cards in an interface that is still buggy.
  3. dmill89

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    A single card usually works better than sli and I've personally had better experiene with ATI cards. (especially when it comes to handleing driver updates and new direct x versions) ATI's also like to overclock I'm running myX800xt at 150% clock speed with no problems. Not that NIVIDA are bad or anything but the ATI may be better to handle future updates but only time will tell for sure.the X1900 is also a newer card so it will probably be supported loger.The X1900 has a better heat sink and fan so it should run cool even overclocked but it takes up 2 bays so make sure you have room for it.
  4. DonNagual

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    SLI/Crossire? Nah. Stay with a single card as iss says. It's just extra hassle.

    One X1900XT = yum.
  5. YellowC4S

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    If you purchase ANYTHING from ATi, you'll be sorry.
  6. Exscind

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    First, the X1900XT is a huge card, so make sure you have enough room (both length of motherboard and nothing next to the card as the cooler is big).

    Second, the X1900XT has 16 pipelines, but 3x the pixel shaders, so 48 effective.

    Third, go with the X1900XT. SLI can be hassling even to the pros. 2 cards will make more noise and generate more heat than a single card. If what people are saying is true, the X1900 series, both the XT and XTX, have a very nice headroom in terms of overclocking (assuming you're into that oc department thing at all).
  7. Eigfrost

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  8. Krillk

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    buy the x1900XT (and for gods sake make sure youre PSU is big enough.. 450 Watt is min. for ONE X1900XT.. and youll prolly want more to.. and WHEN you decide its time for an upgrade again.. buy the x1900XT crossfire.. bing badda boom.. extra fire for youre MG42
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