Ati 9600xt 128mb works great on war3 but not in shooting games? HELP!

By andyh0316
Dec 25, 2004
  1. i bought a 9600xt 128mb. Here is a system i used to use
    -2.5ghz intel celeron
    -240gb HD
    -Audigy 2
    -512mb pc3200
    here is the problem , when i play counterstrike w/ 800x600 or other shootin
    games. my fps max 100 when i stare at the wall and when i have a bigger
    view of the map i get about 60fps, when there are more than 1 person
    standing infront of me i get about 10fps. When i play warcraft3 at
    1024 x 768 it seems to be running really smooth even when there are 70 units
    infront of my screen battleing.
    i have tried the following
    -reformat computer
    -fps_max 100
    -cl_cmdrate 101
    -clupdaterate 101
    -rate 9999
    -cl_rate 9999
    -latest driver from ati installed
    -V sync off always
    -bios setting with 128mb apenture and set to 8x agp
    dont really know what else to do , please help!
    -nstall directx 9c
  2. Sims2Guy96

    Sims2Guy96 TS Rookie

    Please Help Me With The SIMS 2

    Hey, :bounce:
    I just got the sims2 for my pc. It won't work. It keeps saying to make sure my driver and stuff are compatible. What do i do to make it work? Someone please help me, i really want to play the game :bounce
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