ATI ALL IN Wonder 9000 problem

By Humz
Dec 29, 2003
  1. AMD athelon 1.33GB
    1.0 GB PC 2100 DDR

    I installed ATI video card that has tuner and VCR recording capabilities.

    Installed using latest drivers from ATI web site and not from CD it came with.

    Display is fine.

    TV set up hangs at sound initialisation windows. Sound blaster live value card is working fine.

    Same problem is with WINXP.

    I have an older HD. I installed WINME on it with minimum programs on it and there the card works fine but not with the hard drive where I have all the programs loaded.

    ( it still does not work on new install WINXP. means cant start tv application set up at all)

    need help as ATI dont have a good tech support or nothing like a live person to talk to. I bought this card two weeks before from best buy when it was on sale with rebate of 20/ final price $129.99.


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