ATI All In Wonder Radeon 9200 TV Tuner, No Video, HELP!

By PeteLord · 13 replies
Jun 11, 2005
  1. About six months ago, my ATI: All In Wonder Radeon 9200 TV Tuner (Built In) suddenly stopped showing video, audio comes through fine, but all i get from ATI Multimedia Center is a Black screen, not even static. This goes for Composite and Coaxial input, previously it was working fine, i had been converting some old VCR tapes to DVD's using this method and was receiving great results, i'd say the system was about 2-3 years old now.
    I've tried removing and reinstalling the ATI Drivers which did not help at all.
    I cant think of any other solutions, the problem is most likely software related, as others seem to experience similar problems with this, after searching the web.
    I tried contacting ATI, but they have a slow system.. and after about a week i received the reply 'Please check the FAQ for assistance with this problem', which did not contain ANY reference to my problem at all.
    My only other thought on how to get this to work is formatting and starting from scratch but would hope to avoid this, since it may not solve the problem at all, and simply reinstalling the possibly conflicting program afterwards will replicate the current problem, plus there is a lot of data on my Hard drive that would take a long time to back up on to several DVD-R's
    Any help or thoughts on this would be appreciated greatly

    System Info:
    AMD Athlon XP 3000+
    1GB RAM
    256MB All In Wonder Radeon Gfx Card
    Nvidia NForce Sound Card
    DirectX 9.0c

    Installed Applications:
    [AC3Filter (remove only)]
    [Ace Mega Codecs Pack]
    [Ad-Aware SE Professional]
    [ATI - Software Uninstall Utility]
    [ATI Display Driver]
    [Audio Conversion Wizard 1.65]
    [Dev-C++ 5 beta 9 release (]
    [EPSON Printer Software]
    [FTDI USB Serial Converter Drivers]
    [GSpot Codec Information Appliance]
    [IconForge beta version 7.10]
    [Illuminatus 4.5]
    [Install Maker Pro]
    [ATI Remote Wonder 2.0]
    [Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver]
    [ATI Multimedia Center]
    [Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9 GDI+ Patch]
    [Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9.01 Patch]
    [Windows XP Hotfix - KB834707]
    [Windows XP Hotfix - KB867282]
    [Microsoft Data Access Components KB870669]
    [Windows XP Hotfix - KB873333]
    [Windows XP Hotfix - KB873339]
    [Windows XP Hotfix - KB885250]
    [Windows XP Hotfix - KB885835]
    [Windows XP Hotfix - KB885836]
    [Windows XP Hotfix - KB885884]
    [Windows XP Hotfix - KB886185]
    [Windows XP Hotfix - KB887472]
    [Windows XP Hotfix - KB887742]
    [Windows XP Hotfix - KB888113]
    [Windows XP Hotfix - KB888302]
    [Windows XP Hotfix - KB890047]
    [Windows XP Hotfix - KB890175]
    [Windows XP Hotfix - KB890859]
    [Windows XP Hotfix - KB890923]
    [Windows XP Hotfix - KB891781]
    [Windows XP Hotfix - KB893066]
    [Windows XP Hotfix - KB893086]
    [Windows Installer 3.1 (KB893803)]
    [Lavasoft Reghance 2.1]
    [Lexmark Z600 Series]
    [Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Hotfix (KB886903)]
    [Macromedia Shockwave Player]
    [McAfee AntiSpyware]
    [McAfee SecurityCenter]
    [Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1]
    [Messenger Plus! 3]
    [MUSTEK 1200 UB v2.1]
    [Nero OEM]
    [Nero Suite]
    [Network Play System (Patching)]
    [NVIDIA Drivers]
    [Oxygen Phone Manager II]
    [Patch Maker]
    [Registry Healer 4.2.0 uninstall]
    [Screen Recorder Gold V2.1]
    [SpywareBlaster v3.2]
    [StuffPlug-NG (Messenger Plus! Plugins)]
    [StyleXP (remove only)]
    [Ulead Photo Express 2.0 SE]
    [McAfee VirusScan]
    [Windows Media Encoder 9 Series]
    [Windows Media Format Runtime]
    [Windows Media Player 10]
    [Windows XP Service Pack 2]
    [WinRAR archiver]
    [Xara3D 5]
    [XviD Media Codec 1.0.2]
    [XviD MPEG-4 Video Codec]
    [MSXML4 Parser]
    [ATI Control Panel]
    [Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer]
    [Macromedia Flash MX 2004]
    [WebFldrs XP]
    [DAEMON Tools]
    [ATI HydraVision]
    [Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver]
    [V92 PCI Voice Faxmodem]
    [MSXML 4.0 SP2 Parser and SDK]
    [Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003]
    [Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003]
    [Microsoft Office Publisher 2003]
    [MSN Messenger 6.2]
    [Adobe Reader 7.0]
    [BT Voyager ADSL Modem]
    [Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1]
    [Windows Media Encoder 9 Series]
    [Alcohol 120% (Trial Version)]
    [PL-2303 USB-to-Serial]
    [Sygate Personal Firewall]
    [Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9]

    BTW: through browsing this list i noticed an application DAO : Data Access Object, i have no idea what it is but there appear to be multiple installs of it.

  2. willrhyne

    willrhyne TS Rookie

    Did you ever solve this? I am having the same problem.

  3. PeteLord

    PeteLord TS Rookie Topic Starter

    No, i'm sorry to report I am still experiencing exactly the same problem as described above, I have been trying to fix the problem by surfing forums however, and discovered that several people with more recent cards than mine were able to get their tv's working by fiddling with the overlay settings on the advanced tab of the display menu. This didn't do much for me though.. :(

    If anyone has any idea how to solve this I would be extremely greatful.
  4. wiseowlme

    wiseowlme TS Rookie

    Hello PeteLord, I am searching for the answer to ATI problem

    Hello PeteLord,

    I just had the same incident happen to me today and I thought it was quite strange based on my great success with ATI All-In_Wonder cards in the past in the same computer. I recently upgraded my ATI card to the ATI All-In-Wonder 9200 card, (Radeon Graphics). and it functioned fine with my computer without any problems. My computer has 896 MB RAM, 1.10 GHz, Windows XP ver 2002 with Service Pack 2 installed. My problems started today about 4 hours ago when I decided to upgrade my Direct X version from 9.0 to version Direct X 9.0c. Once I did that a short time ago, my ATI TV video portion went on the blink. The TV portion still works fine and will turn on/off without a glitch. Soon as I would try to click on the video recording portion of the system, not only will the video not start, but the TV cannot be shut down. Even after doing a control/alt/del to manually shut down the ATI TV application from the Windows Task Manager window, the video portion of the TV will close but the sound portion will remain the same, (audible). I was not aware of what could have caused the glitch until I have spent the past two hours searching through numerous technical support sites. There is one thing that 95% of users all having the same problem have in common, we all have Direct X ver 9.0c installed in our systems. I am in the process of conducting a system restore point back to an earlier time period to see if it resolves my problem, (since the installation of Direct X versions usually means that it cannot be uninstalled from the system. (at least not without drastic measures of running a complete restore/F-Disk, etc of your hard drive/system).
    I will keep you in the loop as to my findings/fixes to the problem. Rest assured, I have yet to work on a computer that I was unable to restore to a fully functional state.
    If you find the fix before I do, please post it on your Tech link for the rest of us. I am confident that our brainstorming team can find a viable solution to the problem.
    Until then, take care,

    Texas, USA
  5. PeteLord

    PeteLord TS Rookie Topic Starter


    I recently tried formatting and reinstalling to try to solve this, the system was then using DirectX9.0b, but i was still having exactly the same problem.
    After letting windows update install DirectX9c - i noticed a patch for 9b released by microsoft to resolve a TV Tuner issue...;en-us;825116

    maybe you could try that and let us know how it goes?...

  6. jhydonky

    jhydonky TS Rookie

    NO PICTURE ON ATI 9200se

    It seems that ATI has abandoned tech support for those us who have the
    miss fortune to still cling on to our old graphics/tuner cards (radeon 9200se).Even microsoft is apparently either dragging their feet or purposefully ignoring the numerous compliants from the graphics community that something is intrisicly wrong with the way direct x cummunicates with the tv tuner installed with these combo cards.At this rate it is difficult to appreciate the advantage of having a combo card on one's system. ATI / MICROSOFT WE RECON IT'S ABOUT TIME YOU GUYS START SORTING SOMETHING OUT, WE NEED A HOTFIX OR SOMETHING FOR THIS PROBLEM TOO..
  7. PeteLord

    PeteLord TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yep, Ive been waiting a long time for a solution to this prob... im now seriously considering just buying a new TV Card now... you can probably get one online with similar functions in the £35-60 price range right? - Ebay, Amazon n' all that...
  8. jhydonky

    jhydonky TS Rookie

    Yeah mate, I won't mind that @ all but would like to avoid the common conflict that you get with separate graphics and tuner cards on same system.I'm gradually believing that the whole idea of pc PVR is in its infancy and we all just have to bear these "teething" period of this laudible idea.
  9. gospelmidi

    gospelmidi TS Rookie Posts: 22

    ATI Radeon 9200 doesn't support DirectX 9.0

    but the 9200 A-I-W may. I don't know.

    DirectX 8.0 is the official version for the 9200. YRMV.
  10. jhydonky

    jhydonky TS Rookie

    Aiw 9200se

    Yeah.., then why was the system with directx 9b coupled with AIW 9200se from onset ...? I presume like evevry thing else these dayz it 's gross ineptitude.Anyway, I've got a cheap pci tv card-TEVION TV7134 that seem to work fine..cheerio
  11. PeteLord

    PeteLord TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Replaced Hardware

    I have replaced my ATI AIW Radeon 9200 (256Mb) with ATI Radeon Sapphire X700 Pro (256Mb) at the recommendation of a friend , Seems to work fine for the 15 mins and counting ive been running on it, and is better than the ol' 9200.. I plan to get a new TV card at a later date, probably with freeview, im having a hard time finding a replacement though, as soon as i find something that looks promising, im battered with dreadful reviews about it.. what would you recommend, (under £100 if possible, Freeview preferable, composite (VCR) and Coaxial input req.) any good experiences?
  12. PeteLord

    PeteLord TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Tv Card

    I found this TV Card :slurp:

    "Hauppauge WinTV-HVR1100 (PCI)"

    I Think its relativley new, and it seems to be able to do pretty much everything i'd expect or want, My new graphics card seems to be great so far, just thought i'd post here before buying my tv tuner, incase it turns out im making a terrible mistake :eek:

    Thanks for all your help people, hopefully one day the TV problem might be miraculously fixed, and my old card (although gfx would be rediculously out of date) could be of some use again, :rolleyes:

  13. jhydonky

    jhydonky TS Rookie

    PVR Freeview..?

    I don't think there'll be anything wrong with the Hauppauge (WINTV-HVR1100).Like you,I've read good reviews about it.But like everything else I just would like to purchase something and have it work the way it was advertised it would.I got a twin pace freeview setup-box that seem to do whatever it likes regardless of countless software upgrades.So don't begrudge me if I decide to stay on the side line for just a little while longer for the "DIGITAL" cacophoney to stabilise.Nevertheless keep us posted about your experiences with which ever one you finally adhere to.
  14. PeteLord

    PeteLord TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes, that would be nice, to have things work the way they should 1st time round *Sigh*.
    Oh well, ill keep you posted of my progress, I plan to buy it in the next few days, atm im just shopping around to see if i can get it anywhere cheaper than amazon.
    Thx for ure feedback, btw.
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