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By Ollie30001
Aug 15, 2007
  1. Helo people of the techspot community.

    I have a question about the ATI OverDrive thingy on my x1900 Crossfire Edition card. I have the latest Catalyst drivers and controll panel along with ATI Tray Tools (for fan control mainly and a few AA and AF optimizations ya no) well any way, i used to keep the clocks on my card over clocked using ATI Tray Tools but now im thinking about ways to keep components in my computer running as long as i can before they die and using the overdrive functionality seems like a great idea.

    Its just im not sure how to test if its actually kicking in as everytime i minimize a game or some other 3d application ati tools say my clocks are still at their defaults of 500 gpu and 600 mem when catalyst control ses they can go up to 690 gpu and 800 mem.

    Is there any way i can find out if its actually working, i have the ATI hotkey poller service and the ATI smart services running.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. peterdiva

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    I haven't had an ATI card for a while, but from memory ATI Tray Tools has an OSD function where you can see various settings ingame, including clock speeds.
  3. Ollie30001

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    Oh right, that would be very helpfull yh. Does anyone know how to do this? would help alot, im not sure how i did it but in everygame since i installed ATI Tray tools the FPS comes up in the top right hand corner in yellow (red if it drops under 20, dont usually happen tho :p) so yh im guessing its something like that...?

  4. Ollie30001

    Ollie30001 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 144

    Ite all, another question thought i should use the same thread cus its just makes sence.

    So i figured out the control panel is overclocking my card and i used the auto detect my clocks feature but im just wondering id the control panel from the official amd site upps my voltages as well like cus im wondering if i will get higher clocks if i manuly upp my votages in ati tray tools, or is it all handled under the control panel safely and that

    thanks alot, sorry from spelling and grammer i just woke up half 1 in the after noon...ah well :)
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