Ati Radeon x1600 pro 512mb problem

By zerobox
Feb 16, 2007
  1. Ok...first off my problem:

    I just recieved the Ati Radeon x1600 pro card from a friend yesterday and installed it on my comp and got everything up and running. A few hours of gaming later the screen messed up (much like in the picture below) and rebooted itself. I got back problems....gamed until i went to bed, not thinking much of it. This morning i went to get on and when all the loading screens, windows, etc came up it was just like the picture below...sometimes to the point where i couldnt see anything at all...and was unable to get onto windows. So on one of the time i could see enough to do some things, i uninstalled all the drivers etc and rebooted. It didnt exactly fix the problem...but it wasnt too awful bad. Later on i attempted to reinstall the drivers etc...and the picture below is what happened again. So finally i uninstalled all the drivers....rebooted...and when it came to all the start up was completely covered with mess....i tried many times, but without any luck. Finally i went and got my old graphics card, put it in, and it ran with no problem at all.


    So my question: Whats wrong? lol

    I didnt think it was my power supply, but im not completely sure.
    To me it looks like the graphics card is mess up, but i dont know for sure.

    My motherboard is a Asus p5nsli, with a pent d 950 cpu, 1gb ddr2 ram

    I'm pretty sure i have a 400w power supply, although it might be 350...but im almost positive its 400...


    thought i would see if i could get any help....i read some other posts on here about people having sort of the same problem i am...but not exactly like yeah...just thought i'd see if anyone has any suggestions on what to do

    (not that great with computers :p)

    thanks a lot
  2. AtK SpAdE

    AtK SpAdE TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,341

    First off hello and welcome to techspot.

    It would seem that you may have power issues. We will really need to know what wattage, amperage, and brand your PSU is. I assume if you are comfortable to install a Video Card opening the side of your case will be not problem. Normally there is a sticker on the outside of the PSU that displays such information.

    Another less likely possibility is the card is dying. Often when the Ram on a video card is going out, you will get artifacting like that. But I would first investigate the Power Issue, as that is alot more likely.

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