ATI TV Wonder 650 Issue

By VoodooHellfire
Jun 22, 2007
  1. Hello again. Any time I've posted something here, the Techspotters have been a great help, so I figured I'd try again. I've contacted Microsoft technical support (by email and phone), and I've also contacted ATI tech support (by email), both have been no help. I'm currently running Windows Vista Ultimate and have been since Nov. of '06. This is not a beta version, it's the full RTM. My issue has been with the dual tuner on the ATI TV Wonder 650. It has the ability to receive both standard TV signals and OTA (Over The Air) HDTV signals. Although I know if can't receive both signals at the same time, Windows Media Center seems to refuse to set up both tuners to allow me to choose. I have to either set up one tuner or the other, which according to Media Center during setup, it should automatically set up the HDTV Tuner after the analog. This "after" step never happens. I have all the updates that are currently out for Vista, including one that had a few different updates for Media Center, one of which was supposed to fix this. I have recently gone through a massive hardware change (Motherboard, Processor and Ram), but the issue has persisted. If anyone else has this combination or knows of someone who has been able to fix this particular problem. I would greatly appreciate it.
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