Ati Video Cards Not Warrantied!!!

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Sep 2, 2003
  1. ATI will not warranty or even look at a card that comes out of a Dell computer. Dell won't look at it unless you are the original owner either. Basically if it breaks down....U R Screwed. Bottom Line, DO NOT buy an Ati video card that comes out a Dell computer.
  2. StormBringer

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    Those cards are not even made to the same standard as other ATi cards. They are built to Dell's specs, which usually means cheaper components. Dell probably won't warranty the card because the guy who pulled it out of his machine vioded the warranty when he opened the case. that usually voids a warranty.
  3. bgsutton

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    The company who originally made it, ATI, won't even look at it in their service center. It's amazing that a company can make something, but refuse to look at it for repair.
  4. StormBringer

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    Its not that odd, since they made it under contract for Dell. Many companies do this sort of thing, they take no responsibility for the product because they are not marketing it, nor are they providing service or support for it. They simply build the product to their customer's specs(in this case Dell) Then the customer markets the product as their own. That is NOT an ATi card, it is a Dell card with an ATi chip. That is why ATi will not look at the card.

    this is done by several companies and not only in the computer industry.
  5. Nic

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    The company that sold you the card is responsible for any warranty. If you aren't the original owner, then you aren't covered by any warranty because you never entered into a contract for supply of those goods. That's one of the risks of buying second hand goods.
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