ATI X1950 PRO Drivers..?

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Nov 4, 2006
  1. After much debate i ordered the x1950.. i've read on the net about some problems with the drivers and im just wondering where i can get the drivers im gonna need for this card? (using windows xp home)
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    Check out this page HERE. Regards :wave:
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    that page isnt working so well for me wolfram
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    Hmm, weird, it works for me.

    Then go to, then to customer care, then to drivers & software, now to XP drivers & software, then to Radeon, and choose click "Customers who own an ATI RadeonĀ® X1950 PRO and looking for drivers, please click here".

    Then, you can download them.

    Regards :wave:
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    ATI's website doesn't allow for sharing of links as it uses timed, secured sessions.. hence the https:// versus http://.. so anyone else will not get the pages from links.. :(

    On the X1950 Pro- as this is a brand-new card, it hasn't even gotten folded into the mainstream Catalyst driver support yet. The CD comes with a special version of the ATI drivers that supports the X1950 Pro, and you can also download that special version from ATI's website using the method outlined above.

    If you are having problems or would like to try some newer drivers, some 6.11 betas have been "leaked" (i.e. use at your own risk). You can find them at:
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