Attn: Win98se users Re: Cruzer Micro series

By Dan_Sarandon
Jun 25, 2006
  1. It has come to my attention that there is some confusion regarding [Win98se] driver availability for Sandisk's Cruzer Micro series USB 'drives'.

    At this writing Sandisk offers Win98Se 'Cruzer Family' drivers up to and inclusive of model SDCZ4 (to wit the original Micro) -- hence Win98Se support is not provided for the latest generation of Cruzer Micros (i.e. model SDCZ6 W/Cap. > 256MB)

    While incorporation of the 'U3 Smart' feature indicates model SDCZ6 it is folly to view absence of said feature (or, rather, touting thereof) as confirmation of an SDCZ4 device! -- The model No. may be determined via careful examination of the unopened package...

    In the interest of perspicuity I offer the following:

    USB drives for which Win98se drivers are currently available:
    SDCZ1 - Original 'Cruzer'
    SDCZ2 - 'Cruzer Mini' series
    SDCZ3 - 'Cruzer Titanium' series
    SDCZ4 - _First_ generation 'Cruzer Micro' series (and, as of yet, the 256 MB Micro.)

    Hope to have been of assistance! :)

    With regards

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