Audible AAX files

  1. Has anyone had any luck converting aax to a DRM-free file format? My initial thought was to try this:

    1. Import files to iTunes
    2. Burn audiobook files to virtual CD
    3. Re-rip Virtual CD to mp3/WAV/whatever

    The problem is that iTunes will not recognize the virtual CD drive (SlySoft Virtual CloneDrive.) I can make a playlist, and attempt to burn it to a physical CD drive, but each book is around 2 1/2 hours long, and that would be time consuming and wasteful.

    I have seen videos online where people use virtual drives with itunes, but I do not have the option to switch to a different drive when the burn menu opens up. The whole point of this little project is to take foreign language audiobooks and run them through Audacity to pitch-shift the file and make them easier to follow.

    So . . . any ideas?

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