Audigy 2 Platinum in Pro Usage

By HiJinX
Jul 6, 2003
  1. OK Here's the Problem....

    I am using the Audigy 2 Platinum as stated and trying to do live recodings of myself on Electric Guitar. I am using a basic Analog mixer and make shift PA for play back. I am using Cubase SX for mixing the inputs, HOWEVER, Whether I plug into the Mic/Line 2 In connection or the Aux/In 2 Cubase isn't picking up any signal.

    Now I've checked all the setting on both the software and the Audigy and nothing. No lines are muted and I've been through both manuals multiple times. I am getting sound back through the PA but nothing is being picked up by Cubase.

    BTW: I have also tried the same situation with other Mixing software like Cakewalk etc.

    ??? Is there any Soundblaster Audigy 2 Platinum friendly mixing software out there, or am I just missing something simple???

    Any help is greatly appreciated since I've been on this project for months++!!!!
  2. HiJinX

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    I am going from a small Marshall am Output into the before stated inputs. NOT just from my electric to the card. I'm not that new. :grinthumb
  3. novicegamer

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    I cant get my system to recognize my card.So I switched back to Audigy platinum
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