Audigy 4 Pro problems with...the world?

By siinvincible
Feb 4, 2008
  1. Hello,

    I bought an Audigy 4 Pro sound card a while ago, for some reason. Initially it was to help me complete coursework for my Music Tech course, but it has perhaps made it harder and harder to do..

    Mainly my problem now, though, is that I can't install this USB Keyboard my dad got me.. Its a Casio LK-215:- whenever I try installing it, with either the CD which came with or with the latest drivers off the website it BSOD's, stating about pl40rwdm.sys (one of the files including in the keyboard installation). I really strongly believe that this may have something even slightly to do with my Audigy 4 pro soundcard, but I really can't be bothered to reinstall it unless I'm recommended to.

    What I'm really wondering about is this software which I downloaded ages and ages ago, as an alternative software option to the pretty terrible Creative software, for this soundcard. I really can't remember what this alternative software was called, and its disappointing really because I'd really love to use it again, so could anyone perhaps help me out on this one?

    Much thanks,
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