Audigy Centre/Sub problem

By Barnsey_12
Apr 1, 2006
  1. Hello, i am having problems in switching my sub and centre speakers. At the moment, the subwoofer sounds are coming out of the centre speaker and the centre speaker sounds are coming out of the subwoofer. They are going through one cable so there is nowhere i can cofigure the cables elsewhere and the other speakers work fine. Is there a way i can tell the computer to switch the centre/sub so that they go to the correct speakers. There is an option similar to this on Sound Manager for RealTek graphics card, is there one for Audigy 2. Thank you.
  2. Sean

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    Did you install creatives little control panel/application? I just recently upgraded to the Sb Live! card, and just disabled my onboard ac97, and im just using the drivers that windows found for it, and im not having any problems, Just click on your little speaker icon in system tray, oh nm, scratch that, there isnt the option to switch center, and sub outputs. Look through the creative application, and there should be some option to switch Center/sub output.
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