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Oct 22, 2007
  1. Let me begin by thanking all who respond with assistance to my problem. I run windows vista ultimate and have never gotten sound to work on this computer. I have had some success with some suggestions I've read on previous posts. At first it was saying "no audio output device is installed". Thanks to some of the people here I have corrected that issue. I now have an audio device installed and functioning.....or so it would seem. I have a simple headset with microphone and I open the sound tab and look at the playback devices and it tells me that there is a digital output device (SPDIF) there and working. A 2-high defintion audio device. I click the recording devices tab and it tells me my microphone is not plugged in (it is guys and girls). The problem is I have no sound coming through the headset.

    Let me eliminate some possibilities for you. Sound is not muted, I am plugged into the proper jacks on the back of the computer (not USB), my soundcard is an on-board foxconn. I want to say that my card is fuctioning and the drivers are up-to-date and maybe some of the information I have provided may assure you on whether that is indeed the case. I have checked my BIOS and haven't found anything to indicate that it wouldn't be loading, especially since the device manager reads my "high definition audio device". One last thing to eliminate is that there are no question marks or exclamation points next to the sound card in the device manager. Looking forward to your suggestions and solutions. Thank you.

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    Buy a PCI based sound card compatible with Vista and install it. Have you checked with Foxconn for motherboard drivers compatible with Vista?
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    I had been to the foxconn website earlier this morning. The motherboard I am dealing with is an asus p5gl-mx which I have the latest drivers for. I assumed that since it was an asus motherboard that I didn't need to go to foxconn for that >.<, pretty much scanned the website for audio related information. Trying to slide by without buying a separate card as I really don't need anything special right now, but will be open to that if no other solution presents itself. Thanks for the reply, gonna go check foxconn one more time.


    edit: went to foxconn, and didnt' find anything, being that it is not the motherboard. Went back to asus and did find however a list of drivers for just about everything for this motherboard but nothing was listed for Vista. I read somewhere earlier today that Intel wasn't going to be creating drivers for the on-board graphics accelerator I have anytime soon, which isn't a big deal as I was going to put a video card in anyway, but never saw anything for audio while I was there. Any idea on there being a possibility I could use a driver not created by asus that would work with what I have? I'm not too keen on how you can mix things...if you can mix things, all that jazz. Thanks for the ideas.
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    The sound driver for your audio is here HERE
  5. ruedogger

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    Blame Canada,

    I want to thank you first of all for taking the time to help, you really went above and beyond anything I could have hoped for. Installled it and it worked like a charm. Was this something I missed while at the asus site? I went to this section of their website and never saw a single thing for vista. Thanks again, and if you have any searching tips for me for finding these things more efficiently and effectively I would love to hear them. Have a good day. I will blame canada for my sound working now, damn canucks :p.

    edit: I went back a re-scanned all the drivers asus listed on their website and still didn't see it lol. How did you find that...and I'm curious if that same place has a vista driver for the onboard vga. I checked the drivers at the location I have listed and hadn't seen anything.

    Must be chilly up there this time of year. I was in Vancouver for 1 day preceding an alaskan cruise and is someplace I'd love to go back to. Did some mountain biking in some of your trails. Wildlife and scenery are amazing. So envious of living in a place like that.
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