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Audio Drivers not working

By i N S A N i T Y
Aug 6, 2006
  1. I had to format my computer a few times because of a virus, and then i had to take out half my RAM cause it wasnt working correctly. I though my comp was finally back to normal, but then my sound stopped working.

    I have an eMachine T6520 PC, Windows XP: Media Center Edition, and my sound card is a Realtek AC97(its integrated, its not a seperate card).

    I downloaded the driver for the sound card from the Realtek site, and it seemed to install, but the sound still didnt work, and "Multimedia Audio Controller" shows up in my device manager under Other Devices with a big, yellow question mark before it. It says "This device is not configured correctly. (code 1)"

    The lovely little beeping noise my computer makes instead of the sound is REALLY starting to get on my nerves, so id really appreciate any help.
  2. joked u 2

    joked u 2 TS Rookie Posts: 128

    haha i hate that sound 2. i don't know why it would suddenly quit?? a hareware problem or the device may need to be set as default sound device in control pannel -> sound devices ->sounds and audio devices. see if the correct audio device comes up if not put it in [scroll through the tabs]. also if you have realtek sound do you have soundmax drivers or somthing else [thats what i have and i have realtek '97 somthing or other]
  3. i N S A N i T Y

    i N S A N i T Y TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Id didnt "suddenly" quit...I formatted the computer and reinstalled windows, without using the Restore CDs that came with my machine cause they didnt work. The sound and graphics cards didnt have drivers, so i donwloaded both of them, and the graphic card one worked, but the sound one didnt.

    I turned the onboard sound on in BIOS, but i cant set it to the default in the control panel because it doesnt even recognize it as a sound device. In the volume tab, where it should say what sound card i have, it says "No Audio Device."

    And what do you mean by do i use soundmax drivers?
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