Audio Or Video Problem? Please Help

By Keswick ยท 4 replies
Mar 1, 2007
  1. Hi, I have a problem with certain audio / video tasks and really need your expertise please. System is Asus A8nsli mobo, AMD X2 4200 CPU, 1gig ram, 250gb HD, onboard Realtel ALC850/AC97 sound chip & Nvidia 7600GT PCIexpress graphics card along with 550w PSU running WinXP Home

    Same problem with WMP 11, Realplayer 10 and have also tried other media players.
    Sound from CD audio and audio files either on the hard drive or streamed radio broadcasts with no video are all fine.

    Video from DVD is fine but sound crackles slightly. Streamed video from the web e.g. youtube etc seems to run at incorrect speed and the video is blurred also the sound is distorted and pops and crackles and bleeps a lot.
    I have the latest video drivers and audio drivers and also latest versions of quicktime and Flashplayer etc. Also have K.lite codec pack installed

    When testing sounds on DXDIAG, I have noticed that all the sounds that emanate from software buffers have crackling but all hardware buffers are clean and clear.

    The Nvidia nforce4x16 audio drivers appear to work the best overall as I tried the latest ALC850 / AC97 drivers but they seem to crackle on all audio.

    I also tried a Soundblaster Audigy card with latest drivers but even that still gives me the same sound problems on streamed video playback, albeit the sound on DVD playback is fine as well.

    PLEASE PLEASE HELP - this is driving me NUTS - thanks in anticipation
  2. Tmagic650

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    Is this a duplicate post? Sound like you have a resource conflict. What antivirus/ spyware software do you use?
  3. Keswick

    Keswick TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Audio Video Problem - Your Reply

    Hi, thanks for your reply

    No it's not a duplicate post. Using AVG Free and Spybot at present, also Mcafee Personal Firwewall.

    How do I tell if it's a resource conflict please ? Also, what resources do you think
    might be conflicting ?

    Thanks Tmagic650

  4. cBrack

    cBrack TS Rookie

    does it get worse when you do stuff on your computer, such as launching heavy applications? I'm currently having that problem, where it crackles slightly and when the CPU starts going, the audio gets really crackly and laggy.
  5. Keswick

    Keswick TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Audio Video Problem - cBrack's reply

    Hi cBrac
    No it doesn't get worse on launching heavy applications. All audio only sound is fine all the time. Playing video files from the PC hard-disk is fine all the time.
    The problem is solely on playing streaming video from the web when the video breaks down a little and the sound beeps and crackles and pops as well.
    Radio from the web is fine also.
    Have latest version of Adobe Flashplayer 9 and Quicktime etc installed and also latest Java version

    Really stuck now, any more clues as to what is causing this probem anybody?

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