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Sep 17, 2007
  1. I am running Windows XP and I just purchased an LCD Monitor with a speaker installed in it. When I hooked it up, I can no longer get audio from my "real" speakers. I tried unplugging the audio cable (from the monitor to the tower) and my speakers still do not work --- they work just fine with my old monitor. Can someone help?
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    Check the audio connections to the computer. Check to see if there's power going to the external speakers. On LCD monitors there is a volume setting in the on-screen menu. Make sure this volume level is high enough. LCD speakers are very poor sound producers. Aren't your other speakers better sounding, when they work?

    Please post your location and computer specs in your user profile ;)
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    No Drivers

    Hi everybody
    I have a problem with my computer ,i cannot play music because there's no sound drivers, someone has formated it without keep some drivers.
    even the network adapter doen't work and display adapter.
    Before formating it was okey.
    It's an HP Compaq 7540
    Help me please
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  5. Tmagic650

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    Check kpo6969's link,
    download and install the sound and nic drivers for your model HP
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