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Apr 16, 2007
  1. Just recently my volume has been turning down on it's own. I go into audio properties and turn it back up, then watch it as it slides back down automatically. What is the reason for this? Can i fix it, or should I just reformat??

    any help is muchly appreciated!!
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    nope, no skype here...
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    I found these statements/observations:

    '-Are you using Winamp?
    This program sometimes changes volume settings.
    If you put your volume down in Winamp and later put it up in windows, and your playing an mp3-file later, the volume goes down again.'

    'The master volume control (output of your sound card) should never change on its own. Same for the sub-settings, like Wave out, Midi out, CD etc. However any player can have its own volume controls and each player could be left set at a different volume level. Some players will change the master volume setting while others only alter the volume within the player and leave the master volume setting alone (ie. player volume only works within the range of the master volume setting).'
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    i dont use winamp, but this problem started shortly after i started using media player classic... i dont know if it's maybe this program, but it worked fine for about 2 weeks before this happened. The program doesn't even need to be open when the volume goes down on it's own. I'll reboot, then go to volume and there it is, sliding on it's own...
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    The problem did lie within Media Player Classic! There was something called automatic audio switching and all I had to do was disable it.
    Thank you to all who helped with my problem, it was muchly appreciated!!:giddy:
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    cool good to see u fixed it
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    Definitely whichever audio player ur using is touching the volume ,,

    Try a top notch app like Jet Audio ,,,,,, it wont touch your mixer @ all !,

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