Auto Repair Wireless Network Connection.

By Anubeon
May 15, 2007
  1. Greetings All,

    I've been experiencing some instability over my home wireless network. it's nothing serious, in fact the word instability is a bit misleading. The network connection simply seems to drop-out some time during the night, this happens almost every night and looses me valuable torrent time. A swift click on Windows XPs 'repair network connection' option in the morning (or as is often the case afternoon ;)) and my wireless connection is back up and running.

    What I am wondering is whether there is any third party utility or registry/policy tweak within Windows XP pro that would allow me to auto repair (or auto reset ip) after a period of inactivity (low/zero bandwidth) over a given network connection.

    Also are wireless network drop-outs (where Windows recognises the wireless network as fully connected yet experiences zero bandwidth in and out), as opposed to disconnections (where Windows recognises the wireless network disconnected), symptomatic of any issue that I might be able to resolve. I initially suspected that my uTorrent settings might be upsetting my router, but surely if it were router side it would lead to a shaky connection and not a dead one?

    Anyway, thanks for any assistance/advice provided in advance.



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  2. Ididmyc600

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    My laptop sometimes drops my wireless connection, I get a pop up box that says wireless network now connected this happens if i leave my laptop idle and doing nothing, its not just the internet that drops i also lose any network drives for a short while until the wifi kicks back in, I dont have to repair it to get it working It just happens.

    Take my advice build a machine out of scrap and hard wire it to your router ( i did) i get no dropouts when downloading to**ents that way.

  3. jobeard

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    look for a Keep Active setting. if necessary, find your ISP gateway ip-address using
    run->cmd /k ipconfig /all​

    then create a bat file using
    echo "ping -t $the-gateway-address" >pinggateway.bat​

    you should see this file in \Documents and Settings\yourlogin

    now when you need to keep the connection overnight, just
  4. Nodsu

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    If it is the wireless dropping, then you have a problem with your access point/router. First thing to do would be to update the device firmware.
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