"Autochk program not found" window won't start

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Jan 5, 2009
  1. kimsland

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    UBCD Tutorials: http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/tutorials.html

    But here's a quick rundown
    Burn the ISO to CD (here's a free ISO Burning application (to save that response: http://www.imgburn.com/index.php?act=download)
    Boot from the CD (just like how you boot from any other CD ie Windows CD)
    Once UBCD has fully Booted up
    Plug in a Flash Drive, or empty CD (you may need to purchase one of these to back up to, and obviously you may need a CD Writer, if using CDs, ie USB Flash drive preferred)

    Explore your Harddrive using the various tools inside UBCD
    Then copy and backup (or burn) your data

    That's it !

    If this is all too difficult, then yes it may be better to seek help
    By the way, this should have been completed 4 days ago
    Regretfully you were steered in the wrong direction by one member (who said don't use it) Hence my concern for his previous support

    By the way, still according to my original post (ie Post#2 in this thread)
    You can also physically mount the Harddrive in another working computer (as a secondary drive) and then just use Explorer (ie My Computer) to backup.

    Still don't know why\how "D:\MiniNT" was first mentioned. Very strange :suspiciou

    Other than the above clear steps to back up! Where exactly are you having difficulty?
    This is why I earlier mentioned: "may need someone there with more technical knowledge than yourself to help you"
    Note: Learning these techniques of backing up is a good idea for you anyway
    But the best idea is to always back up first whilst Windows still worked, make sure to tell your gf that ;)
  2. adweston

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    MiniNT may not be available in all cases. It may not be available on yours. Sorry, I should have said that as opposed to simply giving two options.

    If you don't have a MiniNT option don't worry about it, the C:\Windows option is fine. I only recommend the MiniNT option because it won't ask for an Admin password.

    For a full tutorial on chkdsk, please visit this link.
  3. dnais

    dnais TS Rookie Topic Starter

    is there a way to contact u online by any chance? thanks
  4. adweston

    adweston Banned Posts: 242

    No, but you can contact me by PM if you wish. You should have enough posts to be able to do so.
  5. dnais

    dnais TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I wish i did have enuf i need 30 for PM but i only have 10, but thanks anyways
  6. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    It would be wiser to keep all support on the open forum
    This will help you, by allowing others to supply more technical options and possible solutions for your issue. ie Many minds are better than 1
    Also, this thread will be used by others when searching for similar issues, either directly using the TechSpot search feature, or externally on search engines such as Google

    Please advise if you would like to stop any further open forum discussion\help on this being your topic. So as others do not need to needlessly reply to help you

    By the way, have you actually backed up yet? If not, I would still stress to others that this should still have been the best and most valuable first step. Many alternatives available in this procedure, outlined throughout this thread from my first post.

    Waiting for your reply...
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