Automatic Start-up in XP-Pro?

By Cajunsmoke
Dec 21, 2004
  1. Working in XP-Pro and have to use several url sites with different usernames and passwords. Is there any known way to accomplish, bringing up various sites and signing-in in the start-up? Thanks!
  2. HoopaJoop

    HoopaJoop TS Rookie Posts: 90

    I don't advise this but:

    You should be able to change your autocomplete settings to prompt you to save usernames and passwords. Then you'll have to log into each site, allow them to save your passwords, and then you should be able to put a shortcut to them in your startup folder on your profile. Then everytime you start, or log into your computer those pages will come up.

    There are several reasons, however, that you would not want to store your passwords. First, if anyone else gets on your computer as you they will have access to those sites as you have stored the passwords. Second, storing passwords is generally a bad idea. I would imagine that the file IE stores your information in is encrypted, but not very well.

    Also, starting up programs from the startup folder is sometimes system intensive. It may try to open those links while still loading windows. Also it will always attempt to open those sites while regardless of your network connectivity. This can result in a long wait for the pages to time out.

    Sorry if I misread your question. Hope this helps.
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