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Aug 12, 2003
  1. My nephew's pc is a HP Pentium 4 WinXP Home on dial up. Whenever anyone logs on to the PC the connection box comes up to connect to the internet. Even when we cancel it, it keeps coming up. I've been thru all the internet settings and looked at the most obvious connection options, run spybot, Norton AV. There was a couple of those XXX diallers which spybot deleted and some backweb and gator files, which I also deleted.

    What else could be causing the connection box to come up all the time? I've run out of ideas and can't find anything on MS KB or newsgroups. Hope someone here has some ideas. TIA.
  2. spenj2k

    spenj2k TS Rookie

    Not sure if it could be this but when i used to have dial up my pc started doing this due to a trojan

    it might not find anything but i think it will be worth giving Trojan Remover a go from

    also have a look in C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer and check through the folders I seem to remember an ISP's program being in there once that did the same sort of thing.
  3. LeL

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    Thanks for your help. Unfortunately I did all the things you suggested and it still comes up. I also tried turning off something called auto dial under Network Connections> Advanced> Dial Up Preferences. Still it came up and once it even started dialing - it hasn't done that before. Then once you cancel it, the stay connected/work offline box comes up intermittently. This has got me stumped. Any more ideas anyone????
  4. iss

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    check any recently installed programs that may have the "automatically check for updates" option enabled
  5. ---agissi---

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    Windows has this function where it checks for updates automatically, and it may be causing it. Go check/change this settings:

    *Right click My Computer
    *Select Properties
    *Click on the Automatic Updates tab

    and you can see what your settings are right there, and change them as you wish :)
  6. iss

    iss TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,994

    Windows does not normally cause your dial up connection to pop up though. but there is softwaare that does like alcohol 120 which by default is set to "check for updates" and will cause our dial up connection to pop up. and some P2P programs will as well.
  7. ---agissi---

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  8. LeL

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    Thanks but he doesn't have alcohol 120 (never heard of it actually) and no Kazaa. Is there somewhere in the start up (msconfig) or somewhere else that will tell me which programs may be looking for updates (apart from windows and Nortons) or is it just a case of going through them one by one. There are also 2 other users and guest activated. I did find these but I think it relates primarily to Win95 & 98 and MS KB Article 175312.
  9. Goalie

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    LeL- I know you don't wanna do it, but at this point it may be the best/easiest solution- Try running "msconfig" and clicking the startup tab- that shows you everything that's loading at start. Uncheck'em all. See if that solves it. If so, start adding em one by one back into the list, and you'll have the culprit.

    You might remove the save password option so the program can't connect to the net (or pull the phone plug). Then try something like taskinfo to try to determine who might be dialing out. Not sure what Taskinfo will show as the starter (Started By in the Process Info section) of the dialup dialog, but it might be your offender.

    Hope this helps, let us know how it goes.
  10. iss

    iss TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,994

    if he has not installed any new programs before this started then I would be concerned about a trojan. just to be safe I would download The Cleaner from and run it. it is free to use for thirty days.
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