Avast accidentally identifies Steam as a trojan


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Just a quick heads up for Avast users: if you're having trouble opening Steam, your malware protection might be to blame. For over an hour Sunday morning, the free antivirus…

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This morning we had a problem with Internet Explorer being falsely spotted as malware/generic-S by Sophos. This was sorted out with an update not long after but not before alot of users called our helpdesk. Its not too common but does occasionally happen.


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Good thing I uninstalled Avast, Microsoft Security Essentials are gaining a lot of ground and for good reasons


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I also suspect Avast crashing my Steam (TF2) while playing. I am turning it OFF before starting Steam and so far no crashing!


Well my steam does have a lot of things hiding inside of it. They are games that I paid for an enjoy though....


Good know about the avast internet security.I am already using the COMODO Internet Security Pro 2012.It is really good.


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Avast eventually started taking days to scan idk if it was infected but I switched to avira and iv been happy ever since the end.

p.s. false positives happen no ones perfect, I just wish they would take wolf team off their lists, maybe they have by now i have not played in over a year but when I did I had to turn off avira, avast or avg in the past. I even wrote them emails.


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Been using Steam and Avast for years, no issues here. Avast has been great for me once I got it out of my face (no sounds, minimal pop ups)