Solved Avast keeps finding virusses in a FileZilla Server directory


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Hi everyone,

On my Windows10 machines, I've recently switched from Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro to Avast, as the first seemed to have conflicts with Windows Defender. After I made the switch, Avast now repeatedly finds virusses in the following directory: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Templates\FileZilla Server
Avast quarantines the infected files and when I close my Firefox browser, I can even delete the entire Filezilla directory with everything in it but it keeps coming back and Avast keeps finding infected files, such as: default.ocx, f.bat and data.bin.

I know FileZilla is an ftp program but I never installed anything of the likes, so I'm pretty sure one or other process keeps spawning stuff after every reboot and any virus scan I perform can't get a graps on it.

Does this sound familiar to anyone and if yes, does anyone know of a good plan of attack of finding out what I'm dealing with and how to put an end to it? I'd be grateful for any help offered.

Steps taken already:
- Avast scan
- Windows defender scan
- Malwarebytes antimalware scan
- TDSSKiller scan
- HijackThis -- look for suspiscious signs
- ESET Online scan
- HouseCall scan
- msert scan




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Avast could not help me but someone at helped me clean out the malware with a fixlist in FRST.
Currently no more troubles. :)