Averatec announces "world's lightest" 10-inch netbook

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TriGem has announced what it claims is the thinnest and lightest 10.1-inch netbook on the market today. Sold under their Averatec brand, the new N1200 comes in at just under an inch thick and weighing 2.2lbs thanks to the use of more efficiently shaped lithium-polymer batteries as well as slimmer 7mm hard drives. Unfortunately, it sacrifices battery life for size; you'll get a scant three hours per charge and six with an extended pack.

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These are great for young kids in school - You dont have to dole out alot of money and they get everything, webcam, email, processing, not a bad harddrive and WiFi.


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Oh goody, I'm sure the proprietary, specialty battery will be about half the price of the machine when it craps out. Plus you may have to send it back to China for replacement.

"Worlds lightest", was this part of a competition, or did they decide to do this out of the goodness of their hearts?

Enough with the negativity captaincranky, look on the bright side.

OK, here goes, "I'm sure this would be a godsend to somebody whose arm is just breaking from lugging around a 2.3 pound netbook".

(Sorry for the running dialog with the angels of my better nature).

One last question, can you hot swap the graphics card? 'Cause if you can't, I don't want it.


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I see that it's the lightest but how durable is it? It would be great for schools and is sold at a great price. But many students are fairly rough on their equipment and it just leads me to wonder how long would this last. That's so weird that it's base unit is Windows XP and not Windows 7. I wonder why it is sold like that.


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OH NO! ONLY 3 HOURS! HOW TERRIBLE! I only an hour and half off the one I have. I would kill for a 3 hour battery life, lol.

Anyway, my major concerns are (like someone else mentioned) Durability and Cool (meaning how hot does it get?)

I have an MSI Wind that survived about a 3 foot drop onto pavement...this thing would probably shatter (ok, so maybe i'm over-exaggerating a bit but you get the point).

As for the cooling, exactly how does this work? The last thing you want is for it to overheat because heat wasn't able to spread evenly and because not enough cool air could get through. I understand the need for some light (hence why I have a netbook) but sometimes you just need to stop and think.

Them doing this is like Intel making their new 6core i7. Sometimes companies are so invested in being able to say "yeah...we did it" that they don't think about whether or not it's actually useful. There's no sense in trying to be the first to "go there". You're just sacrificing stuff that is actually needed, or you're just going too far over the top and creating something that is pointless to have.

Just my thought.
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