Avira AntiVir Premium and SuperSpyware Professional

By KathyJ
May 12, 2010
  1. I use the paid version of Avira Premium 10 and was thinking about purchasing SuperAntiSpyware Professional. I've read on the Avira support site that there will be conflicts with the real time protection in SuperAntiSpyware Pro and Avira. The forum responders are always telling people to uninstall SuperAntiSpyware. But, the SuperAntiSpyware support forums state otherwise. They say there won't be any problems. I don't know which to believe. I know all computers don't work the same but it would be nice to hear from someone that isn't on either company's website. I can't install the trial version because I have tried to but it says my "evaluation period has expired". I don't remember trying it ever before today. I do have the free version and am using it. Is there anyone out there that has used these two together? If so, how has it worked for you?
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