Ayla Networks wants to create the Internet of Things

By Shawn Knight
Jun 7, 2013
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  1. A new startup by the name of Ayla Networks aims to create the Internet of Things all around you by building their software into everyday products. They’re off to a solid start already with $5.4 million in financing led by...

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  2. Well this is all towards bad control. Think what would happen if your neighbor hacked your fridge just because your dog s h I t in his yard. Now all your food is spoiled. This is where networking all means if it talks to anything it can be screed up. Some things should be just left offline for security purposes. Like a boxers left hook. You don't want to make that hackable. If you are a hacker that is great news. You should also put my neighbors wife's braw online. So I can hack that and make it drop. Same for panties of models at a fashion show.
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  3. VitalyT

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    Next thing you will be talking to a toaster that tells you that the car you parked outside yesterday is now a toast. Feeling down you reach into the fridge for a beer, and the fridge tells you to chill...

    ...the kind of in-context internet of talking things, if you want them... ;)

    P.S. I wouldn't want to explain the toilet whether I got something against it...
  4. VitalyT

    VitalyT Russ-Puss Posts: 3,663   +1,949

    Ha-ha, we published it almost simultaneously, but with the exact same sentiment :)

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