Backdoor 5 Generic virus, Registery messed up.

By ma1kel
Aug 9, 2007
  1. I noticed after a reboot that ""Run" and "Shutdown" where removed from my Start menu, I tried Alt+R(opens the Run menu) but I got an error, I also got an error when I tried Ctrl+Alt+Del. I also lost Internet access.

    I scanned with AVG anti-virus professional, and it found and removed a Backdoor 5 Generic BTC virus. But I still had troubles with for example Run.

    I booted in safe mode, Did a HijackThis scan and tried to figure out what happened. It looks like the virus modified the Registery and added a Administator account, a few S I S accounts(I have no idea what purpose that has), and I crippled the power of my "Maikel" (administrator) account, with cripplying policies.

    I have included 2 screenshots and a HijackThis log.

    I would like to know how to restore my Registery and remove the Administrator and S I S accounts, thanks in advance.

    Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
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