Backdoor trojan removal HELP

By dedpresident
Dec 22, 2004
  1. OK, I'm running winXP with norton antivirus. I ran a virus scan and it tells me C:\WINDOWS\System32\wsrv.dll is infected with a virus. It also tells me that for whatever reason it cannot remove it. So I figured that it would let me do it in Safe Mode, but no such luck. I've tried to straight up DELETE the file, but it tells me "Access Denied". I even tried to delete it through CMD and it STILL won't let me. I was thinking of deleting the file through Knoppix (a live linux-on-cd) but Knoppix can't mount NTFS drives except in read-only mode. Plus, I don't know what significance wsrv.dll plays in the windows OS, and I'm afraid to delete it since I disabled System Restore (I heard that Backdoor Trojans can creep through that so you have to disable it while you're deleting the virus)

    Somebody help...
  2. Electrick Gypsy

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    Have a look at this page from McAfee for help of fixing your problem.

    Sorry, it wasn't until later I noticed that you're using Nortons.
    Serves me right for posting before my head realises I've got out of bed and the body is functioning.
  3. RealBlackStuff

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