Backing up data before upgrading Win XP to Win7

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Dec 20, 2011
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  1. Hi. I want to change my OS from win xp to win 7. The problem is that I need to know how I can back up all my data onto my WD 1TB external hdd. And how is the Norton Ghost 15.0? Does it work well with win 7?
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Tedster

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    if you use an imaging software like ghost, win 7 will not recover it as it is a different os and not the same image as your old OS.

    Just copy what you want to the external drive, and yes- that is a drag but the only way to copy it back from win 7.
  3. captaincranky

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    Just a quick question, have you done the research to find out if you even can install Windows 7 on the machine in question? There are plenty of older machines out there that simply don't have the drivers available to support the new OS.

    Plenty of older store bought computers have manufacturers with simply no intention of writing software that would enable the upgrade.

    A case in point would be my old eMachines T-5026, (Circa 2005). That machine doesn't even have drivers for Vista.

    If you need to, you can download and run "Windows Upgrade Advisor from here:

    As Tedster pointed out "Norton Ghost" and similar programs create a "drive image". And a different OS means a different image. Besides, you'll get the best results installing your new OS to a clean, freshly formatted hard drive.
  4. ArjunDhanak212

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    I can change my OS

    I've got a pretty good desktop with me so I don't need any advice on that. I just want to know if Norton ghost works well with win 7.
  5. captaincranky

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    What does it say ion the box?
  6. WinOutreach4

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    This article is a detailed walkthrough of how to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7.
    I still can't post links (soon! :))

    This will take you through using the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor, the Windows 7 Compatibility Center, and through using Windows Easy Transfer which is used to bring your files and user settings over to Windows 7.

    Checking the Compatibility Center website for Ghost 15 shows that it is compatible with Windows 7

    Hope this helps,
    Windows Outreach Team - IT Pro

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