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By corrie206
Feb 2, 2005
  1. Hi everyone!
    At my work we have about 11-15 workstations and a single Xeon 2.8Ghz processor, 4 x 80Gb (7200rpm) Seagate harddrives with 1GB RAM, on which our medical software runs, what needs to be backed up is the different data folders, and a USER folder where the second batch file which runs on the clients copy the My Documents, email, well you can see from Batch2 the whole Documents And Settings folder. Both are scheduled, Batch1 on server and Batch2 on clients (took me a week to figure out the starting times!) Anyway, long story short, I am putting this here, maybe someone can use it, or comment on it. Thanks to Mark Russinovich and people at for the little program PSKILL to close the OUTLOOK.
    Here we go...
    @ REM Runs on the server, winRAR the data folders, and copies it to a DVD
    @echo off
    del *.old
    ren *.rar *.old
    c:\progra~1\winrar\winrar a -r -ag+DD-MM-YY -ibck -hm2 -m5 -os -dh x:\backup\compiles.rar x:\compiles\*.*
    c:\progra~1\winrar\winrar a -r -ag+DD-MM-YY -ibck -hm2 -m5 -os -dh x:\backup\goodx1.rar x:\gxmn\goodx1\*.*
    c:\progra~1\winrar\winrar a -r -ag+DD-MM-YY -ibck -hm2 -m5 -os -dh x:\backup\goodx2.rar x:\gxmn\goodx2\*.*
    c:\progra~1\winrar\winrar a -r -ag+DD-MM-YY -ibck -hm2 -m5 -os -dh x:\backup\goodx3.rar x:\gxmn\goodx3\*.*
    c:\progra~1\winrar\winrar a -r -ag+DD-MM-YY -ibck -hm2 -m5 -os -dh x:\backup\liveedi.rar x:\liveedi\*.*
    c:\progra~1\winrar\winrar a -r -ag+DD-MM-YY -ibck -hm2 -m5 -os -dh x:\backup\goodxin.rar x:\goodxin\*.*
    c:\progra~1\winrar\winrar a -r -ag+DD-MM-YY -ibck -hm2 -m5 -os -dh x:\backup\goodxrep.rar x:\goodxrep\*.*
    c:\progra~1\winrar\winrar a -r -ag+DD-MM-YY -ibck -hm2 -m5 -os -dh x:\backup\medprax.rar x:\medprax\*.*
    c:\progra~1\winrar\winrar a -r -ag+DD-MM-YY -ibck -hm2 -m5 -os -dh x:\backup\pathway.rar x:\pathway\*.*
    c:\progra~1\winrar\winrar a -r -ag+DD-MM-YY -ibck -hm2 -m5 -os -dh x:\backup\edi.rar x:\EDI\*.*

    REM Because there is many *.TMP files on the clients and DrWatson DMP files they get deleted here

    attrib -r -h -s +a /s
    del *.tmp /s/q
    del *.dmp /s/q
    c:\progra~1\winrar\winrar a -r -ag+DD-MM-YY -ibck -hm2 -m5 -os -dh x:\backup\userdocs.rar x:\users\*.*

    xcopy *.rar D:\*.* /Y


    REM This runs on my clients, and backups to the server under /USER/NAME
    x:\software\pskill.exe OUTLOOK.EXE
    cd\documents and settings\
    xcopy *.* x:\users\NAME\*.* /C/S/R/H/Y
    del *.* /s/q
    del *.* /s/q

    Please feel free to comment, these batch files are works in progress, and willing to hear some ideas.

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