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Bad image file popups after virus removal

By ssndi ยท 7 replies
Nov 18, 2008
  1. I had viewed the thread, "Exe file, bad image pop ups" where mflynn had really been a lifesaver. I am following mflynn's advice after I had somehow gotten the infamous Anti-virus2009 virus (and a host of other trojans, it appears. I do tech support and have to do alot of researching...viruses of all things...but now I have it.
    I followed the steps outlined by mflynn to start with, including running ccleaner and malwarebyte's program (after scanning by our TrendMicro Client/Server Security Agent). Malwarebyte stopped the annoying redirection, antivirus 2009 popups but now I also have the bad image files messages just as described above, I had backed up the registry and done a system restore (supposedly) but after rebooting still have ~30-40 bad image files.
    I hope that Mike can help me here, as well! I will attach the log files and send them when I hear from ...whomever! Thanks in advance!
  2. mflynn

    mflynn TS Rookie Posts: 2,655

    Well if have not done the 8 Steps then go do them now and paste a log of
    1. HJT
    2. MBAM
    3. SAS

    The TechSpot 8 steps: https://www.techspot.com/vb/topic58138.html

    Do all skip no step (do not install another virus scanner as you already have one).

    Most importantly update MalwareBytes and SuperAntiSptware!

    Before you scan with SuperAntiSpyWare do the below:

    SuperAntispyware config

    After installed double-click the icon on your desktop to run it.

    It asks to update the program definitions, click Yes.

    Click the Preferences button.

    Then Scanning Control.

    In Scanner Options make sure the following are checked:
    1. Close browsers before scanning
    2. Scan for tracking cookies
    3. Terminate memory threats before quarantining.
    4. Leave the others as they are.

    In MalwareBytes after update but before running
    Click settings and confirm all are Checked.

    I repeat Update these 2 programs.

    Run them and post their logs then a new HJT log.

    Do this correctly and we will make a short job of this!

  3. ssndi

    ssndi TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for getting back....
    Gotta go now...will continue tomorrow. Thanks for helping! I think I knocked out the virus, I can at least work on the pc but tons of bad image files...
  4. mflynn

    mflynn TS Rookie Posts: 2,655

    Scared you off huh?

    I would not be so sure if I were you.

    But I do need to be sure! So get me the logs.

  5. ssndi

    ssndi TS Rookie Topic Starter

    lol, not scared..!!! Decided to stay late...downloaded/ran hijackthis...here's the logfile....well I'm having trouble with this now...why don't you bring up some BBQ from the Monk....
  6. mflynn

    mflynn TS Rookie Posts: 2,655

    They don't call it that much any more.

    But that HJT did not come from here the 8 Steps. It is ancient. Uninstall it and get the one from the 8 steps..

  7. ssndi

    ssndi TS Rookie Topic Starter

    OK. I think I tried and I think the link was down, and the link was also down yesterday for how to disable the real time monitoring programs. I have downloaded the HJT from the link and also Malwarebyte again. I have to head out on calls but will try to run the programs while out and then get the logs to you later. Thanks again! (PS my husband was from your town, still has lots of family there- that's why I called the BBQ place what I did. It was close to where he lived.
  8. ssndi

    ssndi TS Rookie Topic Starter

    fixed itself?

    Sorry I haven't been back- was on break for the holidays. I came back and my computer is working. I had to reboot it and I have not gotten anymore bad image file popups. Every time I had rebooted before I had to go through a kazillion bad image file popups and they have not returned...I keep my fingers crossed. I had run the scanners several times and maybe that helped, maybe updates helped, who knows. Thanks for your help, I'll be back if I get stuck again!
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