Bad lag in Halo - is this a Vista update issue?

By kromdar
Mar 25, 2007
  1. Ok, so the story goes...
    Got vista (ultimate, x64), combined with halo and a few drivers. got my pc working comfortably. one month's hassle free gaming and now this...
    when i log on, or play campaign, it works fine. but online gaming allows 5 second bursts of movement. even on low ping servers. as i said, i had been playing for about a month, on my usual servers, and it worked fine.
    i tried the normal things; defrag, update graphics drivers, reduce resolution, kill background tasks, check router/ports/wireless; heck i even cleaned my pc physically.

    And still nothing.
    as the title says, vista has been ticking away, updating itself. oh and i ran through firewall and defender, they're kooky [ok] too.

    god i miss halo.

    somebody help!

    here's my dx diag stuff anyway.

  2. chamillitarysk8

    chamillitarysk8 TS Booster Posts: 128

    try disabling auto update and/or uninstall most recent updates
  3. Steelesutter

    Steelesutter TS Rookie

    Kromar...Same issue man...ahhhh

    I am up to my neck in frustration... Your problem with halo is identical to mine.. Ive spent the last two days trying to fix this issue.. I tried all the steps you did plus reformated my hard drive to factory out of the box state, which means that windows updates probably didnt have much to do with it.. considering Halo was the first thing I tried after a fresh copy of Vista..If you have any breakthroughs or thoughts please lemme know... Ill do the same... Im not givin up yet

  4. socrates07

    socrates07 TS Rookie

    same problem for me

    i have 2 operating systems installed on my disc and both i have halo but as you said only vista Sp1 has the problem with the horrible lag even if i am the host of the games... same for Halo 2 lags if some one has gotten the answer with out the need of unistalling big updates like sp1 tell us =( plz
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