Bad speeds- what to do?

  1. Okay so I just swapped ISP because the old one was really slow however the new ISP is not doing much better so I'm guessing it's a hardware issue then. Kind of annoyed about this but the old ISP had a lot of other problems too..

    I have a D-Link DSL-502T ADSL2+ modem and a D-Link DIR-615 wireless router. The slow speeds started around 4 months ago at the same time my old ISP started having nationwide outages so I thought that's why the problems were related.

    There have been no environmental changes.. I don't have any other wireless devices that would cause interference or anything. I have a password on my router so my neighbours aren't stealing my Internet either. I had called the old ISP tech support a month or two ago and they reckoned it was either my line or my hardware but I didn't want to go out and buy new hardware just to test it. I didn't really trust them either since many people had been complaining about this company..

    Is there anything I try to do without buying a new modem/router or do you think one if not both of them are not working correctly and I should really buy a new one? Thanks in advance.
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    I would just ask your provider to do a line test, and let you know the approximate speeds your getting.

    I wouldn't have thought your equipment would be a limiting factor on speed performance. My D-Link 615 handles the below speeds on my internet connection:


    Though I will add that mine is fibre optic, not ADSL/2.

    Also, I don't know where in the world you are, but here in the UK ADSL is limited by the phone lines distance from the exchange, and you'll get the same speeds regardless of which ADSL provider your using.

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