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Banned by administrator from Windows 7 & 8 forums

By Poppa Bear ยท 34 replies
Jul 12, 2012
  1. Poppa Bear

    Poppa Bear TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 237   +7

    Wow, I'm blown away by the response to my original post and thank everyone for their input and support.

    When I was banned I was not given any warning or opportunity to address the situation.

    I eventually emailed the admin of Windows 8 Forums and explained that the files I was accused of leaching was done in ignorance and that leaching was not mentioned in the forum rules as an offence.

    I did not receive a reply.

    Cheers PB (y)
  2. Andrea Borman

    Andrea Borman TS Enthusiast Posts: 45

    Mike Fara wrote-

    Well lots of ordinary people know someone who works in Hezbollah Milita. It does not make them a terrorist. And I never talked about that or about my websites on the forum. I stuck to what the forum was about, Windows and other operating systems.

    We have a well known MP in England, George Galloway. Who says he supports Hezbollah. And a lot of Windows forums might ban him,if he joined a forum. But I don't suppose he would use his real name, or a user name that would identify him as George Galloway on a forum if he did join one.

    Ah yes. I know you from that thread on Sysnative Forums about people being banned from Seven Forums. Which I took part in. I am reading new stories every day on the web from both forums and other sites.About people being wrongly banned from Seven Forums. It is a wonder they have many members left if they ban everybody who joins their forum.

    Pappa Bear,the same thing happen to me. I emailed Seven Forums twice on the contact form on their website. As because I was banned I had no way to contact Brink or the other moderators by direct PM. Because I could not log into my account on the forum without getting the ban message. But they did not answer my 2 emails that I sent. So I just left it that.

    I am still banned for life from Seven Forums but they did not ban my IP address like they did with you. So I can view the site. But if I try to log in,I get that horrible ban message.

    Pappa Bear or Bernie, as your real name is, if you are banned from the forum. One thing you should never do is sign up again on the forum with another username and password. That is the worst thing you can do.

    Because that will make them more angry with you, and they can ban your IP address. And this effects the whole of your household. As then you and they won't be able to view the site at all.

    So if you are banned from a forum,if they don't respond to your email,it is better to leave it. And find another forum.

    But you and I are not the only members who have been wrongly banned from Seven Forums. Many other people have been banned also for doing nothing. And there will be more people banned from there in the future. It's just the way they are on Seven Forums. Andrea Borman.
  3. Jay Pfoutz

    Jay Pfoutz Malware Helper Posts: 4,282   +49

    I have read your post from your forum at sysnative. I admire the staff, because I have worked with Ken and Jan on multiple occasions and have learned from Ken quite a bit. I'm glad to stick in contact with them.

    I appreciate your work, John, and have seen the stickies there at John/Shawn's forums.

    I contacted Ken via email recently. Hopefully, they learned their lesson of banning ALL the good BSOD experts. It's plain stupid. I don't attest to be a BSOD expert, but I have learned a lot from you guys. Therefore, it's only sad to see that happen.
  4. Andrea Borman

    Andrea Borman TS Enthusiast Posts: 45

    With Bernie(Poppa Bear) at least Seven Forums have left his posts on the forum. But not only did Seven Forums ban me,but they have deleted all of my posts. And every time try to log in,which I don't now. I get that nasty ban message-

    If that's not nasty I don't know what is.
    And at least here on this forum they don't mind you sharing your bad experiences with other forums.

    But when I started a thread on Neowin Forums about my unjust ban from Seven Forums. Because like Poppa Bear I was upset. Neowin Forums changed my thread from public view to private view. So it was no longer visible on the web or in search engines. And only other forum members could see it.

    I got a few replies but then a moderator came along and locked the thread. Telling me it was against their rules,TOS to talk about other forums. Or post that you have been treated badly on other forums, or banned from other forums.

    But as the moderators of Neowin Forums had already changed my thread from public view to private view (against my wishes) no one could read it anyway. Only the members of Neowin forums could read it. So locking the thread was pointless.

    But what is so shocking about mine and other people like Poppa Bears story? About being banned from Seven Forums for doing absolutely NOTHING,that would make the moderators of Neowin forums change my thread or anyone else's thread about this subject (being wrongly banned from a forum) from public view to private view. And they locked the thread anyway.

    Some forums are just stupid.I don't mean any offence by that. Andrea Borman.
  5. thebeholder

    thebeholder TS Rookie

    Dear Sir(s)/ Madam(s),

    I am writing now to respectfully ask you about my username(thebehodler), which has been banned recently. I knew that my previous username 'a cooperator' had also been banned since about 2012 without reasonable reason. When my username 'a cooperator' was banned, I didn't know why? But I really have posted to the administrator 'Brink' the same post which I think I didn't get answer of it from one senior member. After that, I have been seen this message 'Your password is 75 days old, and has therefore expired.Please change your password using this page.'.

    I really didn't know that it is impermissible for a user to post his thread in another thread of a user. But I really have done this because I didn't get response. Also, my post I have post to Brink's thread was related to the same thread discussing.

    Thus, I feel somehow that the reason of banning my username is I have tried asking another administrator (Brink), when I didn't get my answer from others who tried to help me.

    When I have been banned on the username 'a cooperator', I was in Saudi Arabia. So whenever I have tried registering again, I have been encountering the same error even with another computer and another network. So I think my ISP has been banned.

    But when I got to Yemen, I have tried registering logging in my username 'a cooperator', but I found it is still banned. So I have tried to create another account. But fortunately, when I tried registering again, I found that the registration has been successfully created in 4/6/2013

    Thus, I have got another account with this username 'thebeholder'.

    I have used this new account for about three months, but after I have incidentally tried logging in with my previous username' a cooperator', then I got back to log in with my new username 'thebeholder', I have seen that my username has been banned. So I keep seeing this message:
    'Your password is 75 days old, and has therefore expired.
    Please change your password using this page.'

    I fully understand and respect your terms , but I do hope you will reopen my account to consider this new information. Also, I feel somehow that my ban was unfair.
    I am tremendously impressed by your forums, and I would most like to be a member at it. I appreciate the time that you have taken to read my appeal.

    I look forward to receiving your reply at your earliest convenience.

    Yours faithfully,
  6. Andrea Borman

    Andrea Borman TS Enthusiast Posts: 45

    Well which forum are you talking about? Are you saying you are banned from this forum or Seven Forums?
  7. thebeholder

    thebeholder TS Rookie

    Thank you very much, yes, I have just been banned from this forum you mentioned.
    I am really fairly sure that I didn't do anything I must be banned for. I, myself, think it would be quite greatly appreciated if the administrators could give a user who was banned a reasonable reason for which he was banned. Otherwise, the ban, I think, would be absolute nonsense which a user will never put up with. Nevertheless, I still say that anyone, who is sane, knows that a guest is always taken over by a host, and a host can expel a guest at any time he wants.
    I really must have been upset. But there is no thing in my hand.
    As the saying goes, who his hand is under millstone, he cannot roll it up.
    But we should convert our sadness and anger to a strength to continue living in this very short and bad life.
    *Our GOD is always with the downtrodden*
  8. thebeholder

    thebeholder TS Rookie

    I do confirm that this is the link of forum http://www.sevenforums.com I have banned from.
    I know that a user at least should be warned with an Official Warning several times. But the moderators at this forum ban users immediately. It seemed as if they don't like users
  9. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 12,507   +2,299

    Well this a simple issue to resolve. If "sevenforums" banned you, why are you intent on making it our problem?

    You know forums ban people for a reason. Some do it sooner than others..

    I find the first sign of anything is denying it. So when you say , "I dint do nufin", red flags go up.

    It comes down to this, why do you think this, (or any other forum), needs you?

    Because the truth is, if you're self absorbed enough to think they do, they probably don't.

    As far as the, "I guess they don't want or need members, allegations go, it costs a forum to store and manage our BS, and entry is almost always free. So, why don't you run the numbers on that.
    Marnomancer and ravisunny2 like this.
  10. Leeky

    Leeky TS Evangelist Posts: 3,797   +116

    Speaking as an individual who has a forum and multiple websites/web presences I'm often left surprised that the general public appear oblivious to the fact that they actually cost an absolute fortune to keep running so their members can post away at no cost to themselves, other than the time spent doing so, of course.

    Putting my moderating hat on for one minute -- I think these discussions are best held with the parties involved rather than using another website with no connection to the one accused. While accidents do occasionally happen (you'd be surprised just how much time is spent moderating spam content despite having multiple layers of defences in place to filter it out) bans are usually given for a good reason.

    It's impossible for us to comment on what has really transpired and there is always two sides to a story. It's entirely possible there is a valid reason that you're unaware of, or by accident, you have been banned. I understand your unhappy at the current situation, but we cannot give you the answers you seek, nor can we handle this for you. In situations such as these it is important to speak to the other party, establish the facts and escalate as required.

    It appears that those involved have commented their thoughts and under the circumstances I do not feel continuing this thread will reward our readers with more constructive material, so on this basis I'm going to close the thread. I think it would be best if those involved took this thread to private message from here on in please.
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