Basic electronics

By hydrolysis
Feb 24, 2008
  1. i like to learn about basic electronics. can anyone suggest what site should i look into?please include sites for celphone parts and assembly, if available. i appreciate your help. thanks a lot.
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    if you are new to electronics and have no background in the theory,

    do yourself a big favor -- let a technician do the work -- at least then you can
    blame someone else for any mistakes :)

    there's a lot to learn and some special tools for servicing equipment -- lots of fun
    and happy hours when you can build something from scratch.

    it all starts with bells, wires, switches and Ohms Law: E = IR.
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    A cellphone consists of assemblies like a circuit board, display, power supply (battery) and a keypad. There is nothing to fix or repair in these other than replacing assemblies...
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