Battlefield 1942 available as free download on Origin


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Back in September DICE launched week-long celebration to commemorate the 10th anniversary of its Battlefield franchise, discounting a bunch of games from the series and running a few other special features. Well, it appears that the company continues on a...

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I already have 1942, but if I didn't I would be jumping for joy right now. One of the best multiplayer games of all time... for free? Yes please.
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The game that started it all. Man, did I invest some serious hours into that one. I'll download this just to get a little blast from the past.
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Requesting a pickup!
Requesting a pickup!
Requesting a pickup!
Requesting a pickup!
Enemy submarine spotted!
Requesting a pickup!
Requesting a pickup!
Requesting a pickup!


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I soooo loved this game (and all the expansions)...I must get me some nostalgia and download it forthwith... :)


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Its funny how they view BF3 premium as a service to their community, when I view it as a sheer money making scheme by EA
If you look at the link and the page that loads.. Its to the demo.. the demo always been free. So, this is full of BS and no MAC version for us mac heads...


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Sounds good. Enjoy your Origin while I don't bother with it.
You sound like an iSheep. "Whatever. It's free, but it's not what I use. I'm not going to get it."
Origin sucks, but apparently not too much seeing as how I have 250+ hours in Battlefield 3.


There really is no problem with Origin and it is easily disabled from running on your computer while leaving the game playable. If that isn't enough for people just use the CD version. the Battlefield 1942 community is being revived by EA doing this and that is awesome as it is and was one of the best communities for a game in history. I have setup a community/forums to help out new players and also make a place for people who love the game to hangout and share information.
Check us out at