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Battlefield 2 choppy, laggy, crashing

By g.freeman ยท 4 replies
Jan 8, 2006
  1. hi, i havent been playing bf2 not very long now just a day or 2 and like the thread title its choppy laggy and then at random times just crashes like i lost connection or something, and all the time in gameplay something will drive or fly by and then ill lag and it will go buy again, also hapening when im moving ill turn around or something and then after a quick second ill do the exact same thing again. Only thing i can think of is im losing connection for a second but idk World of Warcraft seems to run fine although at random times i do lag but i think thats jsut server hiccups and in Warcraft III roc B.net i seem to have the same choppy gameplay as in BF2.
    My specs are
    Nvidia Geforce 6600GT
    1024 DDR ram
    but for a connection im running wirelessly off a Linksys G broadband router and haveing the linksys Wireless-G PCI Adapter in the computer running bf2

    ive looked at forums before and havent found anything useful

    one other thing id liketo say in gameplay less than every minute a note will come up in the middle of the screen while playing bf2 saying "having connecting problems" or something along that line and if the note is there long enough i get disconnected and exits out
  2. Abomination

    Abomination TS Rookie Posts: 24

    Well with the 150 hours i've played bf2 for so far i have also had this but not the connection troubles every few minutes. It only happens every now and then and is usually caused by a bad server.

    That being said try a couple of things.

    Make sure you shut down all your background programs including anti virus software

    Make sure you choose a local server with a low ping. I won't play on a server with a ping above 80 (

    Whilst playing the game, have a look at the scoreboard (tab key) find your name and the far right hand number is your ping. Make a note of how high it is.

    Hope this is of same help. I bet it's getting a bit frustrating
  3. g.freeman

    g.freeman TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 38

    ah thanx im still quite noob and havent found out some of the basics yet i will check the ingame ping rate might also have been because i never left that server, i always played in the same one and i never compared ping rates on any of them i just picked one thats open :p thanx again ill try all that. one more thing, do u think i need to open some ports on my router? i heard other ppl had the problem and they were told to do that but i dont think it would play at all unless u have the ports open in the first place but idk

    one more thing i can libe with but would like to know, does everyones account login screen take 5 to 10 minutes? and then say "unable to find a valid play it now server" as soon as u login?
  4. Sharkfood

    Sharkfood TS Guru Posts: 1,019

    Hi G.Freeman!
    I'm a huge BF2 fan and what you're experiencing is pretty common with the game.

    If you have your texture or texture filtering options set to Medium or High, with 1gig of memory online, the game will be paging like crazy. I'd recommend the following things:
    1) Optimize your swap file.
    This is done by disabling pagefile (reboot), then run a defrag on the drive to completion, then recreate it static sized (same min/max size) I'd say 2048/2048 should be sufficient. This creates a nice, static, unchanging swap file on an unfragmented volume. If you have multiple disk drives, putting the swap file on a drive other than the game (also unfragmented) can smooth this out as well.

    2) Defrag game and My Documents drives. BF2 places it's shader cache files on the drive where My Documents resides (often times C: drive by windows default). Accessing these can cause stutter and pauses. Defrag this drive as well as the drive the game resides.

    3) Pick up more memory. When I went from 1gig -> 2gig, ALL my in-game stutters went away. Realize every time you hop in a turret for the first time.. or a tank rolls by, some kind of explosion happens, etc.etc.- it has to load this content. As 1gig is barely enough for the game online with higher settings, this causes a swap/pagefile alloc/access plus load. This is the source of MANY 2-5 second lag/choppy stutters. 2 gig removed all of these for me.

    4) Reduce settings. Drop texture and texture filtering to Low or Medium and see if this helps. Geometry to low/medium can also help a tad too.

    Hope this helps and see you in game!
  5. Abomination

    Abomination TS Rookie Posts: 24

    I agree with sharkfoood and forgot to mention that I also put in 2 gigs of memory in my system and the choppyness went away almost completely.

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