Battlefield 2 crashing computer

By NuK134R
Aug 21, 2005
  1. Hello I recently bought battlefield 2 I installed it it goes through and says battlefield 2 it goes into full screen its balnk blank blue screen crash I have a visiontek 9200 raedon xtasy pci.thanks so much
  2. Sab3r

    Sab3r TS Rookie Posts: 60

    ATI radeon 9200 wont work with BF2, if you look in the manual at which cards
    are supported then you'll see that an 9800 pro or GF 5700 will suffice.
    allthough 2 of my friends have an 9700 pro and a GF 5600 and those cards work
    too, pick one :).

    why 9200 doesn't work is because of shader models, which that card has but not
    shader models 3.0 which BF2 needs (I think :p)
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