Battlefield 3 slated for release on November 2?


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Although DICE has been candid about Battlefield 3's features and development priorities, the company hasn't been quick to share a release date. We've only heard that the game is expected to appear sometime in the latter half of 2011, but CVG may have discovered a potential launch date. According to a screenshot published by the site, the French version of EA's Download Manager displays a release date of November 2, 2011 -- the same timeframe as COD: MW3.

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Saving for the latest graphics card that runs this game on it's most awesome video settings! It will be totally worth it!


PC version will get most attention? F**KING AWESOME! Im gettin it for sure, 2nd nov is my bday xD


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If this game has co-op gameplay with 8 players on LAN/local network I will jizz in my pants and buy 8 copies of the game. Seriously I host 8-12 player LAN parties every 4 months, and there are only a few coop single player mode FPS games like Borderlands, and Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising for instance. These are LOADS of fun in a LAN hosted game with everyone in the same room. We loved both but being limited to 4 players is a bit of a hit.

Although we still don't know if it will have LAN support yet. All I can say is if it doesn't... no buy.


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I'll probably want a hard-copy of this bad boy. I think releasing itself around COD and Skyrim and a couple of other games is actually a dumb idea. Yes BF3 is better than any COD there will ever be, however, people will still choose a slightly updated cod game just because it's name and they'll lose millions in sales because many people will be going for Skyrim and COD. They should do a July/August Release if possible, every has summer jobs and nothing is released over the summer, with plenty of kids with free time that's how you make money.


BF3, SWTor, and maybe even some Diablo3, even Duke is showing up..
Its gone be a great year ;)
The whole November 2nd thing is a place-holder date. Previous Battlefields have always been delayed, even after an official date has been announced. Battlefield 2 was originally slated for March '05, but was pushed back to June 2005.


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I'll be getting a hard copy thats for sure! this game look awesome! and if its anything like number 2 or even bad company 2. then it is well worth getting :)


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TS Special Forces
I think I'm going to make all my future game purchases on Steam. This is definitely going to be one of those titles.