Before asking "Is this too hot?"

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Jun 22, 2004
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  1. nnjc

    nnjc TS Rookie

    thanks for that! much appreciated :)
  2. CMH

    CMH TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,039   +9

    Hooking up a second monitor shouldn't add to your heat...
  3. albertyoung

    albertyoung TS Rookie

    hm. even with my cooling pad mine runs at like 70C. i could fry an egg on this b****. i hate laptops. =(
  4. orondf

    orondf TS Booster Posts: 94

    Temp Range

    I would like to know if it is ok to have a large difference between the idle and load CPU temps. My CPU idles at 36-38C, and under load it reaches 54-59C. It is a overclocked P4 2.40B at 2.754Ghz. It's very stable.
  5. red1776

    red1776 Omnipotent Ruler of the Universe Posts: 5,224   +164

    Hi orondf,
    yes that is a perfectly normal idle/load range.
  6. myrmidonks

    myrmidonks TS Rookie Posts: 48

    just read this... Arent most higher end GPUs hotter than most processors while under load?
  7. milespower

    milespower TS Member Posts: 33

    Ok, so I have this computer:
    • CPU: Intel Pentium D 945 @ 3,40 Ghz
    • GPU; XFX Geforce 6800GS
    seems to me that is running very hot. I checked out some temps on AIDA64 and in BIOS and they read the following values:

    CPU: Idle - 46ºC | After 30min Stress test - 72ºC
    GPU: Idle - 64ºC | After 30min Stress test - 72ºC
    Case ambient: Idle - 41ºC | After 30min stress test - 51ºC
    Hard drives are running at 46ºC

    Coolers are Arctic Cooler 11 GT Rev.2 for CPU and Zalman VF-700Cu for GPU. No extra cooling apart from a rear fan and some holes in the case.

    Do I need a new cooler? Also one thing, I used Arctic Silver Céramique 2 thermal compound for the CPU cooler, if I bought a new one it would come with Artic Cooler MX-2 or MX-5 compound, is that any better?
  8. Leeky

    Leeky TS Evangelist Posts: 3,797   +117

    Looks like you could do with a fan to cool the hard disks if they're running at that temp. You could drop those temps by 10'C or so by installing them, and increase airflow through the case at the same time, which will help reduce general temps further. I wouldn't say its a massive problem right now, but its typically recommended that they run 30-40'C in normal usage, although up to 50'C isn't uncommon.

    As an example, my case is well cooled and running 5 disks right now -- they're at 32-35'C despite having run for the last 30 hours solid.

    All of those compounds are worthy of use, another firm favourite is Arctic Silver 5 as well. Is the system overclocked at all?

    Stress testing your CPU is going to produce heat, although better case cooling will help reduce overall system temps inside the case. A better cooler might help reduce those further, however, but ultimately, as long as the system is remaining stable you should be fine.

    It's also worth pointing out the stress testing tends to load the CPU up more than other intensive tasks tend to normally. A better result (that's more meaningful) would be to install something like HWMonitor, run it, and fire up a game for 30 minutes or so. That'll give you a very good idea of the real temps you getting whilst gaming. If you don't game, just fire it up and run it for a couple of hours of normal usage and then check to see how hot things are getting with real world usage.
  9. milespower

    milespower TS Member Posts: 33

    The system is not overclocked altough the stock clocks are high. The GPU is factory overclocked on the processor.

    I'll try that, thanks!

    EDIT: Actually I think AIDA has a similar feature, it gives me the low, high and average for all the sensors. Will leave it on next time I open a game.
  10. milespower

    milespower TS Member Posts: 33

    The GPU is reaching 80ºC under load !!!!
  11. Leeky

    Leeky TS Evangelist Posts: 3,797   +117

    It could be that the cooler assembly needs cleaning out, but lack of airflow inside your case is going to be hurting system temps. Your GPU will be dumping the heat is dissipates inside the case, which isn't adequately cooled in my personal opinion. Install more fans and you should see that reduce.

    I recommend you have a good read of Marnomancer's excellent Cooler guides on here. Click for Part 1, click for Part 2. They'll give you a more fundamental understanding of why airflow is important for good cooling of components. This is especially important for gamers who often play for hours at a time heavily stressing their hardware -- which produces lots of heat, especially on older components which are generally less efficient and produce more heat than new tech advances implemented on newer CPUs/GPUs.
  12. milespower

    milespower TS Member Posts: 33

    After reading those guides I come to the conclusion that it might be the airflow to be honest. The cooler (at least the CPU one) was cleaned before I reapplied it (~ a month ago) and thermal paste didn't overpass or overflow, so I think it's just the cooler not having enough power to handle the CPU's heat. As for the GPU I noticed that this cooler hasn't got the traditional 2-cable plug that connects to the card, but rather a 3-cable that connects to the MB, and that the fan is at relatively low rotation (it's a LED one, and I should see some light under normal condictions, but the light is very dim. I am a bit stressed at this since my MB (Asrock 775VM800) 's connectors are only for CPU and "Chassis", which as far as I know is controlled by the Ambient sensor and not the GPU sensor. Hence the temperatures of the GPU reaching to 80ºC.
  13. milespower

    milespower TS Member Posts: 33

    And, installing an exhaust fan and an intake fan did nothing but getting it worse. The disks are now running at 48ºC.
  14. Leeky

    Leeky TS Evangelist Posts: 3,797   +117

    In which direction are your fans blowing? The rise in temp would indicate to me that the fans are working against each other.
  15. milespower

    milespower TS Member Posts: 33

    The fans are intake at the front and exhaust in the back, like they did on ATX gaming cases back in the days. But I had my fans connected to the 5V cable rather than the 12V and thus underrotating. Now my harddrives are running 38ºC topse but the rest of the temps remain where they were and the GPU already did hit 96ºC

    CPU: Between 33ºC and 62ºC (that was told to be normal)
    GPU: Between 54ºC and 96ºC (this is worryingful)
    Ambience: Between 27ºC and 52ºC (a warm spot might've created there in the middle of the board)
    Ambience 2: Between 28ºC and 57ºC (this is a sensor on the back of the GPU evidentiating what I feel about the GPU. That's Ambience directly above the GPU.)
    HDD0 (main): Between 22ºC and 35ºC (resumed normal operation):
    HDD1 (secondary): Between 22ºC and 39ºC (outside in a USB case. It's scorching-hot Summer in here so it's understandable).

    What do you think?
  16. Imrankhan

    Imrankhan TS Rookie

    I have Dell XPS L502x bought 5 months ago. It have lots of heating components like Intel core i7, 8GB RAM, nVidia GT 540M, 5W JBL Speakers, etc.
    My CPU Temp always stays above 65 celcius in idle, and goes upto 73 celcius in MSE virus scan, upto 88 celcius with Assassins Creed III.
    My Keyboard feels hot within few minutes of assassins creed gaming.
    I have provided some space under my laptop about 3cms by placing bottle caps under my lap.
    but the temp is unchanged. Please help me with this.
  17. treetops

    treetops TS Evangelist Posts: 2,073   +219

    Hi, you can get a whats it called, basically its a pad you put under your laptop with fans on it to cool your laptap. Heck even pointing a household fan at it on high would probably cool it down nicely.

    p.s. post in the forum and make a topic for more help but I do not think there is much else that can be done, also I believe laptops are designed to run hotter, but I am not sure about that!

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