Best Antivirus?

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Mar 1, 2009
  1. Right now I only have an expired version of McAfee. Just got into the whole Torrent thing so I want to protect myself. I've read about free programs like Avant or AVG. Are these good enough or should I pay for something more effective?
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    Discuss your parameters for "Best Antivirus"?
    You will find that the free (for now) programs of AVG8, Avast, Avira Antivir are all better than McAfee... protect you sooner, with less problems in daily operations. Also, you need three anti-spyware programs for every antivirus. The best free ones include, but are not limited to, MalwareBytes and SuperAntiSpyware. Windows Defender is another one that is good and becoming better.
    Good paid ones I would prefer over McAfee are Kaspersky (terrific), Nod32, and the paid versions of AVG, Avira Antivirus, and Avast.
    The free ones are plenty good enough, but do not expect thme to remain free. Avira Antivirus, my current choice will end free versions on July 1, but I will pay for the same version after July 1 as lont as they remaing good.
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    raybay has said it all. Free antivirus are equally good as their paid counterparts. Among free ones, i would suggest Avira or Avast. I personally am using Avast, and i highly recommend it. AVG has lost its touch a bit, and i have been disappointed with it in past.

    About paid ones, raybay suggested them :).
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    I use AVG8 free on all my computers. Malwarebytes is good raybay hit it on the nose. Mcafee and norton i will never pay for or use if they were free.
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    Okay, I downloaded Avast and everything looks good so far. Now, to clarify, I need three anti-spyware programs in addition? Sorry, I'm a noob :)
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    As opposed to the anti-virus programs who would conflict with each other you can have several anti-spyware programs. The reasoning is simple: no single program offers a 100% protection, so stack several. Given the abundance of malware out there, it is advisable to have at least two installed. I, personally, have Kaspersky full suite that includes anti-spyware and it runs resident. I have two more free programs installed to do scans on a regular basis.
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    antispyware programs

    If you are going to have multiple antispyware programs I would set all but one to not run automatically upon startup (in msconfig) That way it doesn't slow down your computer and you can always update them and run when needed! :)
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    i use nod32 + Malwarebytes
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    another thought...

    I just re-read your message about getting into Torrents. I hope you know most of those are illegal, and in fact, piratebay is getting sued for this very thing. Google it. Also, someone I know just got their internet completely shut off and is waiting to hear if he is going to be fined or not - for this very thing.

    Needless to say, I wouldn't recommend it, unless your prepared for possible fines + VIRUT.
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    I am using AVG anti virus I had no viruses and trojans so far. I also use Spybot .
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